If your medical staff are vulnerable to harmful substances, their patients will be too. We offer protective masks directly from producers to maximize quality and minimize cost.

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Functionality and innovation are the foundation of a quality product. Our gowns are versatile, durable, and designed to make your patients as comfortable as possible.

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Your employees should feel confident that they can do their job with minimal risk. Provide your staff with a stress-free work environment with dependable protective gloves.

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Give your medical workers, staff, and patients peace of mind with high-grade accessories designed to keep your personnel safe and healthy.

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Welcome to BlueStem Healthcare, LLC.

At BlueStem, we view healthcare products differently. Rather than charging exorbitant prices for personal protective equipment (PPE), we offer a faster process, lower cost, and transparent pricing by working directly with manufacturers and producers and removing third-party sellers. This process unlocks competitive rates based on supply and demand. We work with over 20 manufacturing facilities across the world to bring you the best value for the products that match your company's unique needs.

Trust. Collaboration. Integrity.

We are an innovative PPE provider whose business is built on trust. We sell directly to our clients to guarantee quality control and reasonable pricing. If you would like to learn more about our product or approach, please contact us. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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The Impact We Have

Observe. Understand. Imagine. Create!

Our driving goal is to create disruptive products to the personal protective category, sparking new innovation to meet your needs. We serve our clients by listening intensely to unrecognized needs and delivering top tier products that exceed your expectations. We are proud to supply quality PPE products to every sector of the service industry.

  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare facilities
  • First responders
  • Hospitality/convention industry
  • Jan/San (janitorial & sanitation)
  • Manufacturing
  • Airlines
  • Theme parks
  • Universities
  • Foodservice
  • Food processors
  • Retailers
  • Major Corporations

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    We have an uncanny knack for understanding the unique products that will keep your employees and clients safe and healthy. We create specialized products for your specialized needs. Leads the largest global availability of PPE masks and gowns with pure MtP; manufacturer to patient/provider business model.

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